Many homeowners think radiant heat is limited to the bathroom. While we love warmth beneath our feet first thing in the morning, that same technology can save you time and money when used as a snowmelt system. Westchester County gets an average of 31 inches of snow each year. Without a snow melting system for your driveway, that’s a lot of shoveling. If you spend pain-staking hours each winter shoveling snow or battling the dangers of ice on your driveway and walkway, a snow melting system may be the solution you need.

How Does A Snowmelt System Work?

A heated walkway or driveway is a great way to ensure your areas are clear of snow or dangerous black ice. Similarly to how radiant heat works in your home to keep the floors warm, the installed heating system will warm your pathways to guard against frozen dangers.

Installation Process

Heated driveways are a form of radiant heat flooring. To install a snow melting system, the Flotechs team runs tubing under the driveway, sidewalk, porch steps or patio. When the hydronic heat system is operating, heated water flows through the tubing. In most snow melting systems, a radiant heat boiler is installed and responsible for heating the water that runs throughout the tubing beneath the driveway. The water is heated to 100-120 degrees. Anti-freeze is mixed with the water to heat the system. Heat from the tubing is released to the surface of your driveway and melts away snow and ice.

The tubing that hosts the water can be installed in several different ways. Our technicians survey your home, provide options, and help guide you to the right installation decision. Some options include having the tubing installed in snap-in grids or grooved panels, attached to aluminum strips or laid in poured concrete.

Safety Concerns

There’s no need to be concerned about the melted snow refreezing to form black ice. Once the snow melts, the water is directed to nearby drains, keeping the liquid off your driveway. Depending on the type of system installed, warming capabilities may be dependent on manually operated controls or an automated method.

In most cases, an automated snow melting system is the recommended choice, so you don’t have to remember to turn the heating device on.

Benefits Of Snowmelt System

Not having to shovel snow from your driveway during a freezing winter morning may seem like reason enough to consider a snowmelt system. However, there are numerous benefits to a heated driveway.

Warms Different Surfaces

The Flotechs team can install a driveway warmer under concrete, asphalt, or pavers. The tubing operates flawlessly under a variety of different surfaces, offering clear pathways, steps, and driveways. After evaluating your home and the project area, our technicians will suggest the best heating method available. Retrofitting the heating element to your current driveway is possible with an electric heating system.  Therefore, constructing a whole new driveway isn’t necessarily involved in the snow melting installation process.

Clears Water And Ice

When snow melts, the water is often left to sit and refreeze, creating a dangerous surface for you and your family. With a snowmelting system beneath your driveway, the melted snow will be channeled to the nearby drainage system. As part of the project evaluation system, the Flotechs team will examine if your driveway was properly installed and will allow the water runoff to flow to the proper area. During the winter months, you’ll enjoy a clean, dry driveway.

Low Power Demand

The amount of energy used to power the snowmelt system will vary. The first variable to consider is whether your driveway warmer is electric or hydronic. The power required for an electric system is slightly more than the hydronic system. But neither snowmelt options will require heavy energy use. The second variable that will determine the amount of power used is whether you opt for a manual or automated system. With a manually powered warmer, you have more control over how much energy is used to heat the driveway.

Safer Method of Snow Removal

Each year, snow shoveling leads to approximately 100 deaths and 11,500 injuries and medical emergencies that require treatment in an emergency department. When you equip your home and driveway with a snowmelt system, you nearly eliminate the chances of overexertion, slip and falls, lower back pain and more. Choose the safer snow removal option for your family.  Allow the Flotechs team to install a snowmelt system beneath your driveway, walking path, and steps.

How Much Does Driveway Warmer Cost?

Not all snow melting systems are created equal. When you’re investing in your home and family, you want to understand your options and ensure you’re choosing the right company. The Flotechs team will answer any of your questions and explain how the driveway warmer will be installed and operate once in place.

The cost of a driveway snowmelt system varies depending on the type of power the system uses, size of your driveway, and system controls. Beyond the installation cost of a snowmelt system, you can also plan for the expense to operate the warmer. Operational costs largely depend on the amount of snowfall that leads to using the system. Therefore, due to the numerous elements that factor into the cost of a snowmelt system, the best way to determine your project estimate is to contact the Flotechs team.

Savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their property value, save time, and protect their families. A snowmelt system installed by Flotechs removes the worry that comes with winter weather. Avoid the mornings spent shoveling and concerns of falling.  Install a driveway warming system that removes snow in the most efficient way possible. Radiant heat makes for a safer, more relaxed winter. So, allow the Flotechs team to survey your property and offer a project estimate for snowmelt system installation.