Plumbing Maintenance Services

Routine plumbing maintenance is the top way to keep your pipes clean and flowing efficiently.

Some of our competitors may not agree with our generous plan. We address and maintain areas which can easily turn themselves into multiple service calls forcing you to spend money that’s unnecessary. At Flotechs, our annual plumbing maintenance plan includes:

  • Hot Water Heater Cleanse A thorough drain and rinse of your hot water heat reduces sediment that clogs up the system and causes it to perform poorly. Proper maintenance of your hot water heater not only adds life to it, but also increases the efficiency of the unit year after year.
  • Sewer Main Clear-out One of the most important connections to your home comes from the street. Your sewer main will be cleared out so the odds of a back up into your home drastically decrease. Many standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not have sewer main backup protection. A call to an insurance broker that no one wants to make, maybe you wont have to.
  • Exposed Pipe Inspection Your pipes will be visually inspected to determine any problems. Over time pipes will show some sign of decay, then it’s just a waiting game. We will visually inspect all your exposed piping and where possible, look into openings to ensure that what’s exposed is ok.

Should we find anything that needs to be corrected at your maintenance appointment, you’ll find a 10% reduction on that service.

Even the smallest crack in a pipe or a single dripping faucet can cost you money over time. The professional plumbing team at Flotechs Plumbing & Heating understands that your home is your biggest investment. It’s our job to keep you aware of even the smallest issues that could cause your plumbing system to wear faster or create a spike in your utility bills. Plumbing maintenance services is our specialty. We help identify and treat plumbing problems before they evolve into costly repairs.

Benefits Of Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Plan

Just one leaky faucet will cause you lose about 347 gallons of water in one year. Not only that, leaks cause fixtures to rust and corrode more quickly. Whether your home has a running or clogged toilet, or you just want to ensure your underground pipes are operating smoothly, our certified plumbers can pinpoint any issue and offer cost-saving remedies to help your home run more efficiently.

Our professional Westchester plumbers are equipped to handle any plumbing repair needed in your home. But before a major repair is needed, consider partnering with Flotechs, one of the most reputable plumbing maintenance companies in Westchester County, for an annual inspection. Get the most life possible out of your plumbing system with routine plumbing maintenance. Pipe leaks can be hard to identify, especially if they’re under a concrete slab or deep underground. Our team can make you aware of problems you didn’t even know existed and get your plumbing system back to optimal performance in no time.

What Is Routine Plumbing Maintenance?

Scheduling regular plumbing maintenance each year means you can rest easy knowing your pipes, drains, and fixtures is in good working order. The Flotechs team can inspect exposed pipes, perform a camera inspection, or rid your pipes of debris and other waste that stop the system from working at peak capacity. By having this type of work done each year, you’ll spot corrosion or abnormal wear on your plumbing system. When the problem is diagnosed before a major plumbing catastrophe, you have more options for repair.

Our skilled plumbers are trained to look for signs of decay and evaluate what could help your plumbing system run more efficiently. Flushing oddities down the toilet, putting the wrong foods in the garbage disposal, or simply being unaware of the pipe material in your home can all have lasting effects.

Westchester Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Unusually high water bills, sewage smell emerging from drains, loss in water pressure, or gurgling noises from your drains are all signs that preventative plumbing maintenance is needed. Avoid costly repairs of tearing up your lawn, home flooring, or walls for emergency plumbing situations. An annual preventative plumbing maintenance plan will protect your home from pipe leaks and give you peace of mind. Your plumbing system is in good hands with the Flotechs team. For any type of plumbing repair or preventative maintenance treatment, affordable and trustworthy service is never more than a phone call away.


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Is the plumbing maintenance plan worth it?

These types of plans cover many types of systems and are usually inexpensive compared with the costs to recover from a significant plumbing problem. But oftentimes this type of maintenance is usually only considered after costly water damage has occurred. Plumbing preventive maintenance programs include inspections of drain lines and sewer systems, backflow testing and certification, grease traps and water heaters. Regular plumbing maintenance allows potential problems to be
detected earlier and the associated cost to  correct those problems is usually a fraction of the cost to recover from a water or sewer disaster.

Do you do maintenance calls on the weekend?

Yes, we do.

What plumbing should be maintained yearly in my home?

Flotechs P&H recommends every homeowner provide their home with the care they do any other major investment they own. Your home should have it sewer main snaked once a year, heating/Ac system serviced once a year, hot water heating system flushed once a year.

Flotechs also recommends a visual inspection of all the exposed plumbing and heating in the home by a Licensed plumber to ensure nothing is on the verge of causing a problem.

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