Air Conditioner Maintenance

Take steps now to ensure your family is comfortable all summer long.

Time takes a toll on even the highest quality HVAC systems. Flotechs Plumbing & Heating offers thorough, reliable air conditioner repair and maintenance for homes and businesses across Westchester County. In order to maximize your AC system’s life and keep your utility bills under control, annual air conditioner maintenance is a necessity.

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular preventative air conditioner maintenance ensures each component of your unit works properly and will continue to do so throughout the entire season. AC inspections by Flotechs certified technicians will identify any potential problems with your system and help address small challenges before they become costly breakdowns. A lack of upkeep is the top reason for air conditioner failure, so let our professionals provide a custom maintenance plan to keep your system at peak performance. At Flotechs, our annual air conditioner maintenance plan includes:

  • Thermostat Functionality Flotechs technicians will check thermostats to make sure they are making the call for cooling.
  • Filter Cleaning We will replace filters provided by the customer or help locate the appropriate filter for the existing unit.
  • Safeties Performance A technician will make sure all safeties on the AC system are working properly. Also, we will make a list of parts which the customer should have in case an issue occurs with the existing unit.
  • Temperature Register Additionally, we will check the temperature coming from the system’s registers. Doing so will let us know if coils need to be cleaned on indoor and outdoor units.

Top Reasons For Air Conditioner Maintenance Service

As summer arrives and the temperatures climb, you want to know that your air conditioning system will keep your family cool and comfortable. The top problems with AC units are avoidable with routine maintenance. If your AC unit isn’t performing as it should, the problem likely lies with one of these areas:

  • Dirty Condenser Coils. The condenser coils are responsible for releasing the hot air removed from your space into the air outside the home or business. If those coils are coated in dust or dirt, they won’t work efficiently, causing the unit to work harder.
  • Failed Fan. Your AC system has two fans – one that cools the air and another that pulls hot air out of your home. Worn belts, rigidity, or a damaged motor can all cause the fans to misfire. A broken fan needs to be repaired immediately, or it can eventually cause the compressor to fail.
  • Faulty Ductwork. Aged or faulty ductwork can allow cool air to escape into your attic or behind the walls. The wasted air means your AC unit will continue to work overtime to try to cool your space.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils. If a unit’s evaporator coil doesn’t have enough warm air circulation around them, the coils will get too cold and freeze. If warm air, or no air at all, comes from your vents, your evaporator coils may be frozen.
  • Low Refrigerant. Refrigerant is responsible for removing heat and humidity from your space. Leaks in the refrigerant line can cause your AC system to run constantly but never cool the air inside your home or business.
  • Uncalibrated Thermostat. A thermostat that doesn’t read the room’s air temperature correctly could cause the unit to work harder than necessary.

The professional and courteous Flotechs team will inspect each of these elements and more of your entire air conditioner system. Preventative maintenance will help ward off these common problems and help you rest assured the unit will last for years to come. Schedule your central air conditioner maintenance appointment today and be prepared when sweltering summer days roll around.


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Is the air conditioning maintenance plan worth it?

Why get a maintenance plan for your air conditioner? I’ll tell you why – would you buy a car and drive it for ten or twelve years without changing the oil? How about without checking the air in the tires? Then why would you buy an air conditioning unit and not have it properly serviced with a maintenance plan? Many people believe that HVAC units are self-contained units that never need to be addressed until something goes wrong, but this just isn’t the case. Preventative maintenance plans for your air conditioner can have a major impact on not only the longevity of your unit, but your energy bills as well.

Can you replace parts that come from the manufacturer under warranty?
Yes, whenever we install a new unit or product, we register it with the manufacture.

If you ever do need a replacement part, we can call in a replacement that is under warrantee.

Someone else install it and your not sure if it was registered, NO problem we can get it all setup for you if its still covered under any warrantees.

Is there maintenance on ductless systems?
Your mini-split system should be serviced by a professional at least once per year. Here are a few of the things your specialist will check for:

All electrical connections inside the condensing unit should be spot-checked for loose connections, short circuits or evidence of overheating.

The run capacitors should be checked for bulging, deformation or leaks. If any are present, faulty run capacitors should be replaced.

Refrigerant lines should be checked for signs of leaks and patched or replaced where necessary. Leaks are especially common at flare connections, which may need to be tightened.

The hose that moves condensation from the evaporator units should also be checked to make sure water is flowing freely.

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