Flotechs Plumbing and Heating, a Yonkers-based company, wanted to ensure those owning and renting in Westchester County know that the county has lifted its 4% sales tax moratorium on home energy usage for the months of December, January, and February to blunt the impact of higher costs.

If you are charged sales tax on home energy in Westchester County, New York, during these months, you have a few options for addressing the issue.

Here are some steps you can take:

1) Check the bill for errors: Review your energy bill carefully to ensure accurate charges. If you find any errors, you may be able to have the charges corrected or removed.
2) Contact the utility company: If you believe the charges need to be corrected or have any other questions about your bill, contact the utility company that provided the energy. They should be able to provide more information about the charges and help you resolve any issues.
3) File a complaint: If you cannot resolve the issue with the utility company, you can file a complaint with the New York State Public Service Commission. The Commission is responsible for regulating utilities in the state and can help you address any issues with your energy bill.
4) Seek legal assistance: If you cannot resolve the issue, consider seeking legal assistance. An attorney familiar with New York energy law can guide you and help you resolve the issue.

Home energy is not subject to sales tax in New York. However, there may be certain circumstances where sales tax is applicable, such as if the energy is used for a taxable purpose. If you have questions about whether sales tax applies to your home energy usage, you should contact the utility company or seek legal assistance.

It’s important to note that in some of Westchester’s largest cities—Yonkers, Mount Vernon, White Plains and New Rochelle—the moratorium will be just 1.5% because those cities have their own sales taxes.

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