What do you do with the bacon grease when you’re done cooking with it? If you’re one of the home cooks that dumps it down the sink or the family’s best hostess, you may have frequent issues with a clogged drain.

One of the most frequent plumbing emergency calls during any season is to clear up clogged drains, whether it be in the kitchen or in the bathroom. We have a few suggestions, and a few warnings, on steps you can take if you encounter a clogged drain. If none of our solutions are working for you then there could be a more serious problem with your plumbing and you should call in an expert to assess the problem.

Plunger (or Hand Plunger): Using a cup-shaped plunger can help dislodge large obstructions that are blocking a drain. Make sure that there isn’t any anything blocking the drain, like a metal strainer or a metal stopper. Half fill the sink with water and make sure the plunger is flush with the drain. Use quick, sharp plunges to remove the clog. Periodically check the water in the sink to make sure it is draining.

 Hand-Operated Drain Snake: You can easily buy a handheld drain snake at hardware supply stores. They are a long, steel spring to “snake” into drains. They can be twisted while in the drain to latch onto a clog and remove it.

Preventing Drain Problems: Don’t dump any coffee grounds, grease (like bacon grease!) or any clumping materials that could solidify in the drain. If you have a disposal in your sink, make sure to run the cold water so that it’ll flush all the particles of food down the drain. Keep the strainers and stoppers clean in your sinks and tubs. If you have a septic tank for your house, have a professional check it often, about every two to three years, or as often as required in your area.

If you’re in the Westchester area of New York and need your drain cleared now (and our suggestions haven’t worked), Flotechs drain clearing service is available 24/7 and can be there for your plumbing emergencies. If you’re worried about the stress that holidays can add to your pipes, get in touch and you’ll realize the Flotech’s difference from the very first call.