Bathroom Renovations in Summer

Summer is here and people are spending more time than ever at home this year.  Many are choosing to take advantage of this and tackle some renovation projects throughout their home.  Choosing to renovate a bathroom in the summer offers many benefits.  Warm weather and longer days offer homeowners and crews a better window in which to complete their work. Also, there is less of a chance that mother nature will spoil their plans.  Bathroom renovations can involve a great deal of external work. This can be impossible during rainy spring months or the freezing temperature of winter.  Additionally, many homeowners vacation during the summer months. So, they choose to hire a contractor to complete bathroom renovations while they are away to avoid living daily life in a construction zone.

2020 Trends in Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are no longer an afterthought in homes.  The availability of spa-like features now makes it possible to transform a bathroom space into a more relaxed and meditative environment.  Many of these features can also significantly increase home value as new home-buyers often include them on their wish list when house hunting.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom to add value in preparation to sell or simply want to add some features to make daily life more enjoyable, the following are a few of the trending features of recent times.

Technology Forward Additions

We live in a technology-based world, so it is no wonder the desire for high-tech bathrooms is here as well.  Whether this means smart bathrooms that adjust to their user’s preferences or automated fixtures, technology can help make a bathroom a place to completely turn off your thoughts.  Below are just a few of the tech-forward additions many are choosing to install during their home renovations this year.

  • Smart Fixtures

    Part of the appeal of going to a spa is the clearing of the mind, allowing for total relaxation.  Imagine a bathroom in your home that basically does the same.  High-tech toilets are designed to recognize when you enter or leave the bathroom, adjusting its own lid as needed.  These fixtures may also offer warming seats and self-cleaning features that give that always sparkling feeling with little effort on your behalf. 

Smart mirrors have also grown in popularity, mainly for their ability to charge your phone and play music through Bluetooth capabilities.  Additionally, they may offer various lighting and magnification features that make beautification processes easier and can even help identify dangerous skin conditions earlier than with normal mirrors.

  • Charging Stations

    As dependent as society is on their mobile devices, leaving them in another room can evoke withdrawal symptoms in some.  Thus, the emergence of USB charging stations in bathrooms.  These small stations offer big-time benefits to those dependent on their devices and can often be hidden inside drawers or under countertops to still maintain a clean aesthetic.

  • Entertainment and Refreshments

    Televisions made it into home bathrooms years ago, but advancements in technology have made it a much less risky choice.  Specific bathroom TVs are available that resist moisture and come with voice activation features and/or waterproof remotes that withstand a drop in the tub when changing channels.

    Refrigerators are also emerging more often in bathrooms, not so much for food storage but to keep refreshing drinks handy when a trip to the kitchen seems too far.  Along with refreshments, having a refrigerator in your bathroom can be used to store medication/vitamins or beauty products that are best kept at a lower temperature.

Oversized Spaces

Oversized bathtubs offer an added level of comfort and make those end of the day soaks something to look forward to.  The freestanding versions of these large tubs are especially popular, but some require a bit of preparation and they need proper floor support depending on their weight.

Additionally, open showers provide accessibility as well as a seamless aesthetic to any bathroom space.  However, one must consider the issue of proper drainage.  A professional can help ensure that water from the shower drains efficiently to avoid soaked floors after every shower.

Keep it Natural – Keep it Neutral

Gone are the days of brightly colored accent walls.  Nowadays, folks are getting back to nature and incorporating neutral and earth tone color palettes into their bathroom spaces.  In addition, adding windows to increase natural light can significantly change the overall feel of a bathroom. 

For those spaces where adding a window isn’t possible, there are other ways to create that fresh feeling.  If the bathroom exists directly below the roof, adding a traditional skylight is an option to bring in natural light.  There are also tubular daylighting systems for bathrooms that are elsewhere in the home.  Updating the ventilation systems in your bathroom can also help decrease the humidity and freshen the air without changing the lighting.

The use of live plants also brings nature inside and really helps boost the spa-like atmosphere.  Adding eucalyptus instantly transports you to relaxation and the heat activation of its essential oils makes hanging it in the shower a no-brainer.

Professional Plumbing Services in Westchester County, NY

Flotechs Plumbing and Heating are the experts to consult before your bathroom renovations.  Having a professional on your side can help avoid plumbing issues down the road, guaranteeing you can enjoy your new spa-like bathroom for years to come.  We are fully licensed and insured, and take the highest safety precautions, keeping the health of our customers and team in mind – contact us today!