Air conditioning repair needs never occur at a convenient time, but a properly working unit is a necessity to combat the summer heat. While most air conditioning systems are designed to last for 15 to 20 years, a yearly inspection and proper AC maintenance are required to meet the lifespan expectancy. Being prepared for the summer months is the best way to avoid calling a Westchester County AC repair company in the middle of a scorching day.

Westchester County Air Conditioning Repair

Even when it seems your home’s AC unit is working properly, there are a number of reasons to schedule a yearly inspection. Many of the common problems that arise with a unit can’t be seen or detected without a professional taking the unit apart to inspect the pieces. An annual inspection allows your AC repair company to detect small issues before your AC is not working.

Issues like dirty condenser coils, a failed fan, faulty ductwork, or low refrigerant level can be minor repairs. If left untreated, however, those small problems can quickly turn into costly repairs or complete AC replacement.

The professionally trained technicians with Flotechs Plumbing & Heating understand your priority is to keep your family safe and comfortable. When the AC is not working, you need fast, reliable maintenance that will have your system running smoothly again. Preventative AC maintenance is the number one way to avoid a system failure. Having the unit’s hoses, wires, ductwork, and refrigerant levels checked annually will not only allow you to enjoy your home in comfort, but you’ll also extend the life of your central air system.

Yonkers, NY Air Conditioning Repair

As temperatures increase during the summer months, it’s no surprise that your air conditioning system begins to work overtime. Before your unit kicks into overdrive for the season, have it inspected to ensure it performs properly and lasts throughout the hot months. Left unchecked, your AC system can lose 5 percent of its operating efficiency each year because of buildup, meaning it won’t cool your house as efficiently as when it’s cleaned and maintained. Some of the most common air conditioning problems can be prevented with a quick inspection.

Avoid these common AC issues with routine maintenance:

Your AC is not working at all.

If your air conditioning unit shuts down completely, start by checking the thermostat. Check that the batteries are working properly, and the unit is set to “cool” mode. Once both elements are confirmed, try flipping the breaker to your unit. If the system doesn’t turn on, it’s time to call an emergency AC repair company.

Your air conditioner is running, but the air isn’t cold.

Several issues have the potential to allow your AC unit to run without pumping cold air. If it’s time to change the filter, do this first. Check that the thermostat is set to “auto” rather than “on” to produce the coldest air. Faulty ductwork or leaks in the ductwork can also hinder the temperature from dropping in your home. A professional Yonkers, NY AC repair company can inspect the system for cracks.

Your air conditioning system is not cooling some areas of your home.

Temperature fluctuations in your home can be caused by blocked vents, poor insulation, or leaks in the ductwork. If the AC vents in your home are on the floor, ensure all furniture is moved away from the openings. Have the system inspected for ductwork leaks and be mindful about south-facing rooms in your home. By installing insulated drapes, you’ll keep those rooms cooler even when the sun’s heat is radiating through the windows.

The AC unit kicks on but quickly turns off.

Two capacitors keep the motor and fans working properly. The start capacitor activates the motor and the run capacitor uses a series of ongoing jolts to keep the motor running properly. If the run capacitor is broken, the system has no way to maintain power.

Your AC unit is leaking water.

Frozen AC coils are often an indication that refrigerant is leaking from the unit. The professional AC repair team at Flotechs can inspect the condensate line to ensure it isn’t clogged and treat any airflow problems that have the potential to cause the unit to freeze.

The air conditioning unit is constantly running.

If it seems your AC system never takes a break, the problem could be thermostat placement, age, or a more severe internal problem. If the thermostat is positioned in the path of direct sunlight, it will detect that the home is always hot and keep the unit running. Age and a lack of regular maintenance can also cause the unit to work too hard. Buildup, dirt and corrosion can play a role in how well the system operates.

Your air conditioner is making unusual sounds.

A trained AC repair company can inspect any strange sounds coming from your unit. If the system begins to make rattling, clicking, or squealing sounds, it’s best to call for an inspection right away. A simple issue like a loose belt can be repaired quickly and help avoid further damage.

The temperature fluctuates drastically in your home.

The AC unit can’t perform correctly if it’s leaking coolant. The temperature will fluctuate until the leak is repaired. A yearly inspection can help detect even the smallest leaks, preventing uncomfortable temperature changes.

The AC unit runs, but the humidity level in your home is high.

As your AC runs, it’s pulling moisture and humidity from the air inside your home. The unit needs several minutes to properly dehumidify the house. If you have an oversized AC unit, the system will produce shorter run times and not allow your home to be properly dehumidified.

Call For Westchester County AC Repair & Maintenance Whether your home is experiencing one of these common air conditioning problems or something else is malfunctioning with your system, the professional AC repair team at Flotechs can help. Don’t wait until you need emergency AC repair service to make the call. Contact our team today to schedule a routine inspection and preventative maintenance. During the hot summer months, you won’t have to worry about the system’s performance as your family enjoys a cool, comfortable home.