With these 5 tips to save money this winter, you can get your home ready for the cold weather.  Although, there is talks of some unseasonable weather skewed toward warmer temperatures, rest assured, the cold weather will be here.  Some items we know will help you get ready and also save you $ (because who doesn’t like to save a few bucks, right?).

1. Dodge the drafts

Close your doors and windows and stand by them; you may notice the cooler air, even if just a little bit – it’s enough to bring the cold air in or take the heat out.  Depending on whether or not you can replace those doors and windows, you may just want to head to your local hardware store and pick up a shrink window kit. You can also get it on Amazon.com here. You’ll lose the option to open and close the window, but you’ll certainly steer clear of those drafts.

2. Run Fans in Reverse

During winter, the warm air generated by your heating system naturally rises to the ceiling while cooler air will be lower toward the floor. Switch the direction the blades turn so the cooler air is drawn upwards, which forces the warmer air near the ceiling back down into the room. We believe every little bit helps when it comes to keeping your comfortable while trying to keep your overhead down.

3. Remove your air conditioners (if possible)

Window unit air conditioners can be pesky when it comes to drafts. The side vents only can do so much when it comes to keeping the heat (or cool air) in your home.  If possible, remove them; put the storm window down if your windows are old and close the windows tightly.  If you have newer windows, make sure to lock them to ensure the top and bottom remain closed.

4. Install Storm Windows & Doors

As mentioned above, get your storm windows down and lock those windows.  Many storm doors have full glass/screen options to them.  This is important to get the full glass portion of the storm door installed as it will be the 1st line of defense against the cold.

5. Heat up your equipment

By now, you’ve probably turned your heat on.  It’s not too late to have your system optimized for the cold weather.  In fact, you can schedule a last minute appointment for our heating specialists to come to your home or office to get your heating system off on the right track.

Contact us today and we can get your heating system ready for winter with our heating maintenance plan! We hope you enjoyed and save money with these 5 tips to save money this winter.