Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades or just moved in and you’re still discovering changes that need to be made, routine plumbing maintenance needs to be a part of your annual checklist. Having a professional plumber in Yonkers, NY locate and repair small plumbing leaks can save more than 10 gallons of water per day. While some common plumbing issues may be unavoidable, scheduling basic plumbing tasks like drain inspection, pipe cleaning, and water heater inspection can help detect and prevent costly plumbing repairs in the future.

One of the primary issues with plumbing problems is that they tend to go undetected for some time. Even small leaks or cracks can lead to major issues like broken pipes, costly water bills, and damaged foundation. Whether you’re attempting to unclog drain residue, find a possible leak, or determine the age of your pipes, yearly pipe cleaning service can help.

What Is Professional Pipe Cleaning?

Professional pipe cleaning in Yonkers, NY and the surrounding area goes far beyond the chemical-laden cleaners you’ll find at the big-box stores. Liquid cleaners are often used to unclog drains, but they’re inefficient in cleaning pipes.

After years of use, your plumbing system begins to accumulate buildup. Grease, hair, and other debris coats the inner lining of your pipes. That buildup can cause waste to flow slowly to the main sewer line and make a clog or blockage more likely. Waste and tissue passing through clogged pipes can become stuck, grabbing other debris and making a blockage worse.

Professional pipe cleaning traditionally begins with a sewer camera inspection. The plumber will use a waterproof,
high-resolution camera to get an inside look at your pipes. The camera will be attached to a malleable cable and pushed through your system via a pre-existing access point. The video feed will reveal the location and cause of clogs, cracks, leaks and more.

After the camera inspection is complete, your Westchester plumber will use a hydro jetting, or line jetting, service that harnesses the power of extreme water pressure. A tool that pushes water through multiple jets is stretched through the pipes, removing build up and pushing the waste through the system into the sewer. The water is pressurized at nearly 4,000 psi to clear years of waste and restore the pipe to an optimal flow rate.

If you want to avoid calling an emergency plumber in the middle of the night, take advantage of these four reasons to have your pipes cleaned each year.

Detect Leaks And Cracks

The pipe cleaning process removes waste, but it also helps detect small plumbing issues that may have gone unnoticed for months. After the cleaning, your plumber will complete a follow-up camera inspection to ensure the hydro jetting service properly cleared the lines. When the buildup is removed, the plumber can more accurately see any small cracks or leaks that may not have been apparent because of the waste.

According to the EPA, 10 percent of homes in the U.S. have leaks that waste 90 or more gallons of water each day. By detecting those small issues, you will save money on your monthly water bill. The pipe cleaning process also alerts you to repairs that should be made to maintain the integrity of your pipes.

Avoid Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Making a call to your local plumber generally isn’t seen as an enjoyable experience at any time, but a call at 2 a.m. can be even more frustrating. An expensive emergency plumbing repair may be avoided with annual pipe cleaning services.

Of course, the fee for the emergency response won’t include any pipe or maintenance repairs that may be needed as a result of the blockage, like raw sewage in your yard or home. An emergency plumber consult can vary from company to company and state to state.

Avoid the damage and excess cost of an emergency plumber by having your plumbing system routinely inspected each year. Pipe cleaning will keep your main sewer line clear, allowing smooth flow from your home to the local waste source.

Extend Life Of Plumbing System

Most plumbing systems use materials that will last 50 years or more, but proper maintenance is essential in keeping your pipes in good condition. Corrosion is one of the leading causes of pipe breaks and bellied pipes, but pipe cleaning can help reduce the corrosion rate of your system. When sediment is allowed to sit in a pipe for an extended period of time, it can weaken the pipe material and cause a groove in the material. Cleaning the sediment and other debris means your pipes will hold up longer.

The camera inspection that accompanies the cleaning process will reveal the current condition and age of your pipes.  Rather than allowing age to destroy your entire system, a pipe inspection and cleaning will alert you to specific portions of pipe that should be repaired or replaced.

Avoid Clogs And Blockages

The request to unclog drains or toilets is one of the most common made to plumbers. The mess that can occur because of a sewer blockage may create an unhealthy environment for your family. When toilets and drains back up, the sewage and waste will travel until an opening is discovered. In many cases, that opening is your bathroom sink, shower or toilet.

Avoid the environmental and health issues that can occur from raw sewage seeping into your home with regular pipe cleaning. When pipes are professionally maintained, they flow at an optimal rate. The camera inspection will allow the plumber to see any emerging issues that can be resolved before a clog or blockage develops.

A professional Yonkers plumber will explain how the pipe cleaning process will work in your home and the results you can expect. By being proactive when it comes to the health of your plumbing system, you’ll avoid the need for an emergency plumber and continue to use your current system for years to come. Explore the plumbing maintenance programs offered by Flotechs or give our courteous team a call for information on pipe cleaning.