We’re a few months into 2022, and it’s starting to look like the COVID-19 pandemic is on its way out. For many, that means inviting people over will feel less like a health risk and more like an opportunity to entertain houseguests once more.

If there’s one place you know guests will see in your home, it’s the bathroom. While a lot of people have used the last two years to complete home improvement projects, the bathrooms in your house are spaces that can always stand to see a refresh before the year gets fully underway.

Flotechs is here with the top bathroom design trends for 2022, giving you interesting ideas for your next remodel of an existing bathroom, or ideas for the installation of a new one in your home.

Bathroom sink trends for 2022

If there’s one good thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of washing hands. It’s no surprise then that a lot of people are focusing on sink remodels this year.

One survey found that faucets are a top bathroom fixture seeing upgrades during renovations. To keep with these touchless times, installing a motion-activated faucet is something a lot of homeowners are considering to combat the spread of germs when visitors come over.

A digital faucet is also a bathroom fixture that can make a bathroom more hygienic and inviting. Not only does it limit touching, it’s also a luxury fixture, as you can set different temperatures and water pressures.

Bath and shower trends for 2022

Speaking of luxury bathroom fixtures, if you’ve been looking for a reason to install a whirlpool bath or rainfall shower head, this is the year to go for it. More than 75 percent of homeowners are adding premium features to their baths and showers, and two in five seek rest and relaxation in their renovated bathrooms.

One thing that can transform your daily shower from a chore to a relaxing ritual is a built-in seat, so even when you can’t sink into a soaking tub, you can get off your feet for a while. A curbless shower is one of the best installations to accommodate a shower seat or bench, as the shower floor has only a single slope and no barrier.

Curbless showers are also more accessible, particularly for the elderly, as there is no ledge to trip over or cross with a wheelchair. They are also easier to clean, and especially linear drains in curbless showers promote complete water evacuation, preventing water pooling and causing issues like mold, mildew, and grime.

Other 2022 bathroom design trends

Homeowners are getting more tech-savvy. Like the digital faucet, other popular tech fixtures in bathrooms include smart toilets. They can come with various features, from heated toilet seats to self cleaning bowls. Some can even play music or white noise to mask the sounds of…well, you know.

Also on the rise in 2022: upgrades to bathroom ventilation systems. Older ventilation systems are getting the boot as homeowners invest in exhaust fans that sense humidity and steam, which not only prevent the formation of mold but also eliminate the need to flip a switch.

Adding a bathroom to your home

Incorporating these bathroom design trends won’t come cheap. A simple remodel of a bathroom can cost as low as $5,000, while the average cost to add an extra bathroom in your home lands at around $15,000.

The price, of course, depends on a variety of factors, such as square footage and the type of plumbing project. Installing plumbing in a new construction, rather than utilizing the plumbing system in an existing space, will drive the price point up.

Whether you’re looking into bathroom renovations or building a full bathroom, Flotechs can help. We aim to provide the people of Westchester County with great plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services at fair prices.

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