When it comes to plumbing maintenance, “too little, too late” can create quite a mess, and cost a lot of money. Plumbers know that the key to avoiding plumbing woes is taking these three precautionary measures, regularly and with professionals who can do it right:

Hot Water Heater Cleanse: A thorough drain and rinse of your hot water heat reduces sediment that clogs up the system and causes it to perform poorly. Proper maintenance of your hot water heater not only adds life to it, but also increases the efficiency of the unit year after year. Make sure your hot water heater is working smoothly and efficiently by giving it an annual cleanse.

Sewer Main Clear-out:
One of the most important connections to your home comes from the street. Cleaning the main line from the street reduces the odds of a back up drastically, but many standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not have sewer main backup protection. A call to an insurance broker is a call that no one wants to make, so protect yourself and your home from water and sewage damage by committing to a once-a-year sewer main clear-out.

Exposed Pipe Inspection:
Your pipes will be visually inspected to determine any problems. Over time pipes will show some sign of decay. Then, it’s just a waiting game before they burst. Have a qualified plumber visually inspect all your exposed piping and, where possible, look into openings to ensure that what’s exposed is in good working order.

Keeping your plumbing in great working order really is as easy as keeping up routine annual maintenance. Flotechs cuts out the fluff services and gives you an Annual Plumbing Maintenance plan to provide all of the services above for just $225 a year!

Plus, you’ll receive priority service for plumbing emergencies, should anything go awry.

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