Summer’s just around the corner and water usage tends to rise during the hot summer months. From pools and sprinklers for children’s amusement to washing cars and watering the lawn – it all adds up!

Being plumbers in Westchester County, we know all too well how that water waste is a real thing and many business owners and homeowners probably pay more than they need to in some cases.

The Department of Interior gauges that an average individual uses in the vicinity of 80 and 100 gallons of water every day. That number may appear to be gigantic, however daily routines and household machines utilize significantly more water than you may understand. Did you know, your normal shower utilizes two gallons for each moment you shower? Next time you wash your hands, remember you’ve probably used about a gallon of water- that’s about 20 seconds – sing happy birthday to yourself, by the time you’re done, it’s 20 seconds!  

Household appliances are included in the guilty party of water usage. A dishwasher utilizes in the vicinity of 6 and 16 gallons relying upon its productivity. Each heap of clothing can be credited as utilizations 25 gallons for every heap for more up-to-date washers. And up to a whopping 40 gallons for less efficient models.

There are numerous things you can do to enable water conservation

  • Replace older, poor performing appliances- there are rebates in many areas, check to see if you’re eligible.
  • Purchase low stream shower heads and fixtures.
  • Diminish shower time (we know this one can be hard)
  • Limit water while brushing your teeth and washing your face and hands.
  • Deal with spilling spigots and pipes quickly.
  • Modify your sprinkler framework to be more efficient and run just on non-stormy days or pick low upkeep plants.

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