What’s your favorite room in your home? Some might say it’s the living room, or the master bedroom. But a good number of people label the kitchen as the room where they enjoy spending time the most.

In fact, a 2020 survey revealed that 1 in 10 people claim the kitchen is their favorite room in the home. The kitchen is one room in the house you know will see use; it’s a place for preparing delicious meals, gathering with loved ones, finishing homework, and so much more.

It’s a space we want to keep up to date for the comfort of friends and family, and that’s why it’s often top of mind when homeowners look to make renovations.

If you’ve got a kitchen renovation in mind for this year, we’re here to help. We’ve got a guide on what’s trending for 2022 so you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

2022 Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen is where you mix ingredients for recipes—now, it can be a place to mix metals. Gone are the days of matching—get creative when installing new faucets, sinks, and more. Pair a brass faucet with matte black knobs, or brass lighting fixtures with brushed nickel sink features. The options are endless.

And if you’re thinking of investing in an all-white kitchen, don’t—at least, not if you want to keep with the times. Interior designers claim that the style could be on its way out because, while it has been popular for its clean and classic look, it can come across as cold, and requires a lot of upkeep.

Neutral tones, like cream or nude, are more in line with what’s trending today, as they still give off that classic appearance while exuding more warmth.

2022 Hardware and Fixtures for Kitchens

Cabinets and drawers can be hard to get right—there are so many different options, trending and otherwise, and they tend to draw the eye. But updating your kitchen hardware is a great way to show off your personality, so in this situation it’s best to go with what you like. Brass drawer pulls or porcelain cabinet knobs showcase a more traditional kitchen, while brushed nickel cabinet pulls will feature in a modern kitchen.

And if you do want to keep with the trends, maybe go with a wooden knob or pull for your cabinetry. The style is not only fitting for a bohemian or rustic decor, it’s also eco-friendly. Or, go with stainless steel bar pools for a look that is timeless and complements a lot of decor styles.

And don’t forget to perfect the lighting in your kitchen. Several types of lighting are on the rise this year, many cost efficient. Adding LED bulbs to your kitchen lighting fixtures or installing dimmer switches helps light bulbs last longer and keeps your energy bill in check. You can also embrace natural light in your kitchen—it’s free, and there’s nothing like a stream of sunlight to really brighten an area.

Other trending ceiling lights include pendant lighting fixtures and track lighting. Both work to accentuate areas of the kitchen, adding focus to spots you wish to highlight in the room when guests come to visit.

Appliances for Kitchens in 2022

Something definitely on the rise right now is incorporating more technology into kitchen appliances. That means ovens that sync to Bluetooth devices and wifi enabled refrigerators that you can control with your smartphone. These new features allow you to stay involved in the kitchen, even when you can’t physically be in the room.

The technology even allows for cross appliance control. With Bluetooth-syncing abilities, your oven can connect to small appliances like your microwave, letting it know when to turn on or start a timer. Like it or not, technology is here to stay, and innovations like this have the ability to make our busy lives a lot easier.

Installing Plumbing for Kitchens

You can incorporate all of these new designs with the help of electricians and carpenters, but to get the latest plumbing trends installed, look no further than Flotechs.

We provide our customers in Westchester County with great plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services at a fair price, and we want to serve a role in your kitchen remodel project this year. Reach out today and we’ll get started on making your dream kitchen a reality.