No, we haven’t lost our minds (not yet, anyhow) and we’re not trying to skip over summer. It’s just the best time to install radiant heat in your home, bathrooms mostly, but we’ve had plenty of people (and feet) thankful for doing more than just the bathroom when the colder weather shows up.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what radiant heat actually is, it’s a technology for heating in and outdoor areas. Specifically, it is the method of intentionally using the principles of “radiant heat” to transfer “radiant energy” from an emitting heat source to an object – like your bathroom, kitchen flooring material.

So, why summer? Summer is typically a good time to do this as the weather permits this kind of work. Taking up the existing floor, or if you’re lucky enough to be putting in a new bathroom or kitchen, then it’s even better.

How is radiant heat used outdoors? Great question! We work very closely with a trusted partner that, with our help, transforms your whole driveway into a snowless island that your back will thank you for. Yep, that’s right! Don’t like to shovel? We don’t either. Turn the knob and viola! All gone and you can stay inside on, feet on the floor and your toes will be nice and warm (if you did the inside, too!).

Call us today at (914) 490-2231 and we can tell you pretty quickly how much, how long and provide you with an estimate on doing the radiant heat for you indoor or outdoor. We are licensed and insured in Westchester County and serve all the larger cities like White Plains and Yonkers along with the smaller villages and towns like Eastchester, Scarsdale, Larchmont and Thornwood.