Our Yonkers Plumbing company has cleared our fair share of drains; that’s for sure!  We’ve seen it all, from sinks and tubs to showers and storm drains. As any serious plumbing company should, we invested thousands of dollars in technology that allows us to troubleshoot slow drains and clogged pipes.  These special tools allow us to pinpoint where the clogs are and address them with the least amount of mess and cost as possible – our customers love that we’re efficient!

One of the tools we use is a plumbing video inspection camera which allows us to see where the clog is inside of the home or traveling out toward the street. Plumbers that aren’t using this type of technology typically create a lot of billable hours trying to locate where the issue is.

Another benefit of the plumbing inspection camera service is we can see the condition your pipes are in. Customers find this helpful as it allows us to prepare them better for what’s to come if they are deteriorating.

Customers love that we can see past the initial blockage and identify if there is another clog forming. We don’t leave it for next time, we address it while we are on site.

Flotechs Plumbing is a Yonkers plumbing company, but we serve all of Westchester County. Our highly trained plumbers are available 27/7, yep, holidays, too! Give us a call at (914) 207-8901 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment for your home or business.