After the long winter, most homeowner’s who use oil for their boilers are looking for relief from the high rate of their heating bill. We provide an excellent option of reprieve from those rising costs; converting any boiler into a natural gas unit.  The cost of converting from a boiler to a natural gas boiler varies from home to home. An individual’s rate will depend on the internal conversion cost, and the capital construction cost. 

The cost of having work done on your property, like piping and the equipment fees, is called internal conversion cost. Capital construction cost is a fixed expense the utility company will charge for providing and installing facilities for natural gas on the property. A great tool for calculating these costs can be found here

Although oil prices are projected to stay reasonably low for a few years, switching to natural gas is better for your wallet in the long run because natural gas prices will remain low as well. The amount of money you’ll save monthly will more than make up for the initial cost of converting your home’s boiler from oil to gas. Your gas bills will continually remain low in cost while the price of oil bills could be subject to rising rates in the next few years.  

The benefits of converting oil to gas can be economically and environmentally valuable to any home. Having a natural gas boiler is the cleanest fossil fuel, which is attributed to the fact that natural gas has fewer impurities than any of the other fossil fuels, including oil. Not only is natural gas environmentally friendlier, but it is also safer for your home and cost effective in the long term. 

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Let us help you see the benefits of converting oil to gas units will better be better for the environment, and not to mention, your wallet. Please contact us if you have any questions on converting from oil to natural gas.